CAHSI Sessions

The following sessions are dedicated to faculty and students from institutional members of the Computing Alliance of Hispanic-Serving Institutions (CAHSI). Others with interest please contact Christian Teran at

Cybersecurity (3 workshop series) - Students learn about the tools, approaches, and methods that adversaries use to exploit vulnerabilities. Students get hands-on experience related to real-life cybersecurity scenarios that include pivoting attacks, cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery, route hijacking, and memory corruption. The workshops are mandatory for Hackathon participants.

Hackathon - The competition distills the essence of many aspects of professional computer security work into a “Capture the Flag” exercise. Students work in teams to solve challenges that test their cybersecurity skills. The session encourages students at all skill levels to participate, promotes teamwork, encourages friendly competition with real-time feedback, and motivates students to learn more about how to protect assets controlled by software.

Machine Learning/AI - Students learn and apply fundamental Machine Learning/AI concepts through a series of hands-on activities, including how machine learning problems are framed, and how artificial neural networks work.

Data Analytics Challenge - Student practice team skills and engage in a hands-on competition to find patterns and answer questions about a set of raw data. Recommended for final-year undergraduate students and new graduate students.

Latin@s in Computing (2 sessions)- The sessions are directed at emerging computer scientists and technologists identifying as Latin@s. All students who strive for excellence in inclusion are welcome to attend.

Session #1 (via Zoom) - features role models (i.e., leaders and industry representatives) discussing how to build and extend their professional network on campus and during professional events (e.g., GMIS).

Session #2 (in-person) - provides students the opportunity to propose initiatives to increase the number of Latin@s in computing areas and engage with Industry representatives.

Student Leadership - The workshop offers a comprehensive exploration of leadership and professional skills essential for success in the dynamic technology industry.

Advocates Community Building - The workshop supports CAHSI Student Advocates learning about the importance of promoting inclusive excellence within their communities, and how to incorporate these values into community-building activities at their institutions.

Research Networking Reception - The reception offers CAHSI faculty, undergraduate researchers, and graduate students an opportunity to network and share experiences, insights, and advice.

Financial Planning - The workshop encourages students to explore the costs and financial considerations associated with many life events. Students learn how to evaluate options, create budgets, understand loan choices, and navigate many financial decisions. Helpful insights to support students’ understanding of how to fund graduate school are shared with students.

CAHSI Luncheon - All CAHSI students must attend the CAHSI luncheon. The luncheon is an opportunity to network with other students and learn about opportunities from industry representatives. The luncheon recognizes students’ achievements and awards at GMiS. CAHSI Student Scholars and Student Advocates are recognized for their community-building efforts at their institution.

Affinity Research Group (ARG) Model - The workshop provides CAHSI faculty professional development training in three core components of the ARG model. CAHSI faculty learn how to create and sustain a cooperative environment that explicitly develops skills to make students successful in research, academia, and the workforce.