About The Conference

The 2022 AER Biennial International Conference is the largest gathering of professionals who provide services to those who are blind or visually impaired. Marked as the top-rated educational and networking event of the year, this conference boasts a wide range of sessions led by thought leaders, esteemed practitioners, and seasoned experts. The goal of the conference is to help you advance your performance by connecting you with information, resources, data and so much more!
Who will attend the 2022 AER International Conference
We are expecting up to 600 vision and other professionals will attend the conference. Orientation and Mobility Specialists, Teachers of the Visually Impaired, Vision Rehabilitation Therapists, Assistive Technology, Low Vision Therapists, professors, and so many, many more professionals will be in attendance and looking for products and services to help them do their jobs and better support their students and clients.
Visit the Lighthouse for the Blind’s “Exploring STL From a Blind Perspective. QR Code
The Missouri Chapter will be collecting physical donations for the Fisher House. The Fisher House has provided a place to stay, food, and transportation for guests for free, as long as a member of their family is being treated by the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in St. Louis either at Jefferson Barracks VAMC or John Cochran VA Hospital. Below is an example of how the Fisher House helps.
“The Fisher House replaces trepidation with solace. As my father’s life journey is nearing its end, emotions are muddled. In addition to feelings of inevitable loss, there are also practical fears: The fears of traveling alone to an unknown city; fear of personal safety; fear of financial affordability. The lifeline the Fisher House extends brings immeasurable peace, comfort, support, and relief-every detail has been thoughtfully provided. Big things such as food, shelter, and safety but also fine details such as a box of Kleenex never more than an arm’s length away. Toiletries, cozy bathrobes, computer, occasion cards, washer/dryer, movies, books, etc., etc. Thank you.”
Below is a list of items that have been requested:
Chapstick, Hand sanitizer (small), Individual Kleenex, 13-gallon trash bags, Bottled water, Coffee cups w/lids, Disposable containers, Dryer sheets, Hard candy (regular and sugar-free), Kitchen disposable gloves, Laundry detergent, Paper plates, Paper towels, Plastic utensils, forks/spoons, Snacks (individual chips, fruit snacks, cakes), Ziploc bags, Gas Gift Cards, Grocery Store Gift Cards (i.e. Walmart, Sam’s Club), Restaurant Gift Cards
Any monetary donation can be sent via Venmo to MOAER@gmail.com to support the adaptation of Missouri state parks. Currently, there are 56 state parks and 36 historical sites in Missouri. Few if any at all have adaptations for individuals with vision impairments such as braille placards or tactile enhanced maps of trails. It is the mission of the 2022 Missouri board members to change that. With your support, we will be starting a fund to make the outdoors more accessible for everyone.
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